About the City of Helsingborg’s trend analysis

The trend analysis is an important tool that helps us anticipate and adapt to changes in the world. It gives us a better overview of our current situation and strengthens our ability to reach the city’s overall goals and vision.

What is the purpose of the analysis?

The trend analysis is designed to be easy to use, yet to provide an in-depth picture for those who need it. The intention is that the city’s employees should be able to use select parts of the analysis as a basis for the planning, innovation and development. The content of the trend analysis should be seen as a smorgasbord from which the most relevant information can be quickly picked out, rather than as something that must be taken in its entirety.

In combination with the city’s innovation platform, the trend analysis can be a support for innovation. Read about our challenges and the focal points linked to them, then draw inspiration from ongoing innovation initiatives. Finally, use the toolbox on the innovation platform to move from insight to action.

The purpose of the trend analysis is to help us see changes in the world around us that affect our activities and our journey towards the city’s 2035 vision. It will help us spot threats and opportunities more quickly and show us how we need to adapt our work.

Where do I start?

You can start by reading the foreword and footnotes that summarize the city chief executive’s key findings from the trend analysis. Then think about which topics are particularly important or interesting to you and filter based on that. This will generate a report that is unique to you and your needs – you can access it directly on the website or download it as a PDF.

On this page you will find information on how your colleagues in the city are using the trend analysis, as well as different workshop formats. A workshop can be a good way to share insights from the analysis.

What is the difference between focal points, megatrends and challenges?

All content in the trend analysis is divided into one of these three content categories. Megatrends are global drivers that affect large parts of the world. Things like climate change and technology development. Hotspots are trends in our immediate world that emerge from these megatrends. For example, they may be changes in the values of the Swedish population or developments in the labour market in southern Sweden. The city’s challenges are challenges that we have identified in our operations, often as a result of the megatrends and focal points – for example, our need to reduce our climate footprint.

When should trend analysis be used?

The analysis should be used for the yearly business review and business plan. It is also an important tool for innovation work

Furthermore, it can be used to prepare for a larger project or change process, for example the aid in the design of a baseline and risk analysis.

On this page you will find examples of how other city employees work, as well as a description of different workshop formats and the situations for which they are best suited.

Quick facts about the trend analysis

  • Published annually since 2013, web-based since 2015.
  • The analysis is carried out by a project group at the city management department and a reference group with representatives from all departments and companies within the City of Helsingborg.
  • The analysis is a planning document, not a policy document.
  • Last released in March 2022, but parts of the content are updated continuously during the year.